Ballistic Shields

Our ultra-lightweight, multi-hit LASA Ballistic Shields deliver outstanding ballistic performance at NIJ Level III and special threats. Research ballistic shield manufacturers, distributors, resources, and products for police and law enforcement. Learn about new products from Baker Batshield. These shields, made from durable materials like Kevlar, provide a solid barrier against bullets and other lethal force. A step up from the traditional. Ballistic Rounds Tested. The M1 is the future of Level IIIA ballistic shields. Hybrid ballistic technology minimizes weight while increasing protection. The. The ballistic shields are built with UDPE material providing maximum protection against ballistic materials and are battle-tested in some of the harshest of.

Buy Ballistic Shields Special Threat Level 3A+ w/Viewport by Battle Steel®️ at affordable prices with delivery in the USA ☎ Ballistic Shields. Shop now for battle-tested Ballistic Shields NIJ Standard available In Level III, IIIA and Level IV NIJ Certified. Click for more. Ballistic shields are a good choice of armour for private citizens, as they can quickly be used in a dangerous situation and allow the victim. The MARS Armor Ballistic Shield provides reliable front protection. The light weight ensures high mobility for fast entry. Possibility to increase the. Ballistic shields are specifically designed to stop bullets and dangerous projectiles. This guide outlines the uses and levels of protection. What are Ballistic Shields made of? Materials such as UHMWPE or pre-preg aramid fibres can be used to make ballistic shields. They may include features like. Our custom armor shields and bunkers offer all of the features law enforcement needs to effectively manage any threat level; from active shooter situations. Ballistic Shields | Bulletproof Tactical Shields. Certain situations call for another level of protection. When the lives of you and your team members are on. The Mobile Ballistic Shield Series from PROTECH® Armor Systems provides unparalleled ballistic protection for stand-alone facilities (SAF) and storefront. Riot shields and Level III & IIIA ballistic bulletproof shields & plates for tactical law enforcement protection. MRAPS® ballistic shields allow users' to easily attach electronic viewing devices such as tablets, mobile devices, and other methods of viewing - including.

Ambitec engineers create high-quality SWAT and SRT tactical shields, which enable individuals to perform tasks easily and fast. These shields are designed with. Ballistic shields are generally rated according to the NIJ threat levels that define the resistance level from bullets or rifles. Categories. Carrier. These innovative shields are meticulously designed and rigorously tested to withstand ballistic threats, making them an essential tool for law enforcement. Durable ballistic body armor, tactical bulletproof shields, bullet protection vests, and more for police officers, law enforcement, and SWAT from Safariland. A ballistic shield, also called a tactical shield or bulletproof shield, is a protection device deployed by police, paramilitaries, and armed forces that. METT-T LLC is a clear ballistics shields, barriers, and desks manufacturer offering products for law enforcement and security agencies in all 50 states. Stay protected when it matters most. Our ballistic bulletproof shields provide maximum protection and personal defense for every situation. We offer a range of shield options - ballistic, riot, and rifle level protection. See our shield selection below. Shields. Rifle Rated Ballistic Shields: A rifle rated shield is a ballistic shield that has been tested to stop rifle rounds. Up until , these shields were usually.

Ballistic Shields · Protech MIGHTY MITE SHIELD. PRT-SH $2, · Protech Intruder G2 Tactical Shield. PRT-SHG2. $4, · Protech Patroller. Ballistic Shields West Bagley Rd. Berea, OH () [email protected] Ballistic Shields Armor Express LightHawk R1+, rifle-rated Level III Ballistic shields, Ambidextrous Straight Bar Handle, R1+ shield adds x45mm M/. Integris ballistic shields are constructed from high-performance ceramics with a protective finish. Due to the choice of ceramics, a significantly decrease in. The United Shield range of ballistic shields incorporates the latest materials technology, and handle systems that have been ergonomically developed over a.

Ballistic Shields · Specter Gen II Wireless LED Light | lumens · FoxFury Taker B30 · FoxFury Taker B52 · USI Lightweight Level III+ | RRS| Rifle Rated. Ballistic Shields · Specter Gen II Wireless LED Shield Light · RRS Shield IIIA · Lightweight Level III+ Shield | 16" x 30" · Standard Ballistic Shield w/ Light. Trust us for all of your body armor needs. We offer concealable armor, tactical armor, ballistic plates, ballistic helmets, ballistic shields, IMPAC Plates.

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